Changes and refunds

If you believe your boss needs small corrections you can contact your trusted tailor.We will refund the total of what is expected to change (up to a maximum of € 15.00).

To request reimbursement verifies that the changes fall within those indicated in the "Sartorial Modification module".

Changing the head and refund in 5 steps

1. Refund expiration

Complete this procedure within 30 days of receipt of the garment or from the day it was available in one of our withdrawal points.

Any interventions reported beyond the 30-day deadline will be charged to the customer.

2. Sartorial modification module

Request the "Sartorial Modification Module" by writing to:


3. Contact your trusted tailor

Go to your trusted tailor and deliver the "sartorial modification module"

Ask your tailor to make the changes and indicate the changes on the "Sartorial modification module" in a punctual way.

lightbulb Thanks to the instructions on the form, one of our tailor can revise your personal card: your next chief will be even more tailored!

4. Send us the receipt

Send us by e-mail the scan of your "sartorial modification module" and a scan (or photo) of the "payment receipt" of your tailor.

Send the (1) form and the (2) receipt of the tailor to:


5. Rimborso

We offer you a voucher for your next purchase up to a maximum of € 15.00 for the sartorial changes you have supported.

You will be reimbursed within 7 working days from receipt of the request with the same payment method used at the time of purchase, if possible.

For payments made by bank transfer, we ask you to communicate your bank details in the reimbursement request.

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